Sex difference ace vs ade

Hi, great sessions on sex limitation! I was wondering: Is it possible the two groups would have difference better fitted models, e.g. ACE fits better when looking at female-only twins and ADE fits better when looking at male-only twins? If so, how do I manage this?

Hi Perline! I actually had wanted to run an ADE model where we run only females and one where we only have male twins to address this question (but didn’t have enough time). If you run 2 models separately in males and again in females, then look at the model fits, you would actually see that those model fits should add up to be the SAME as a 4-group model where they are all together (not better or worse). If there is a difference in model fits, I would be curious about other things (e.g., same data, same covariates in the two 2-group models vs the 4-group situations). I hope this helps.