Category Topics

Site Documentation and Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it to use it, and how we can improve it.

Theory & background

This is for general discussion about theory (e.g., population genetics; population stratification), history of genetics and behavioral genetics, and programming (e.g., UNIX, R).

Twin & family modeling

SEM and twin analyses

Common & rare variant association

Association tests of SNPs and sequence data.

Downstream analysis with genomic data

Downstream analysis that use whole-genome data, such as LD score regression, GREML, Genomic SEM, Mendelian randomization, etc.

ISG Workshop Logistics

This is the place to post questions or announcements specific to logistics regarding the current ISG course. Questions about topics or material should be posted under those topics.

Positions: open or wanted

This category is for posting job openings, or for people to post that they are looking for a job.

The Commons

The Commons is an area to introduce yourself, meet other people, and discuss topics not related to behavior genetics.

ISG Workshop 2022

Discussion of course material, daily lectures, and practicals