Missing heritability vs non-transmitted allele

Hi! sorry if this is basic but what is the difference or relation between missing heritability and non-transmitted alleles? Is it that the non-transmitted alleles contribute to missing heritability or are they completely unrelated?

Thank you!

They’re essentially unrelated concepts - with this exception. The correlation between PGSs built from non-transmitted alleles and the offspring phenotype is an approach for assessing “genetic nurture,” which is equivalent to what in BG-land we call “passive gene-environment correlation.” So to the degree you’re asking whether passive G-E correlation is related to missing h2, yes, there is a relationship b/c passive G-E correlation will have different influences on h2 estimation depending on the design. For twin studies, it will inflate estimates of V(C) (common environment variance). For SNP-heritability studies, it will inflate estimates of SNP-h2. In GWAS, it inflates estimates of r2.

BTW, we should differentiate different types of missing h2:
missing h2 = the difference between the sum of r2 from GWAS hits and twin h2
still-missing h2 = difference between SNP-h2 and twin h2
hidden h2 = difference between sum of r2 and SNP-h2

I’m wondering if your question is really about the still-missing h2 (?).