Day2 practical answers pdf and video

Hi Katrina,

I am looking for day 2 practical answers and the video walking us through the practical. Could you direct me to where I can find these?

Thank you!


Hi Jessica

Sorry for my delay in getting this material up. I have been sorting out the simulation of the data so the results are not so strange with the change in C.

The video now goes through using this new data set and it will be loaded onto the You Tube channel.
I did a long video going through the 5-versions using the continuous trait and a shorter video with the binary data in twins, highlighting the key differences between running binary and continuous traits.

I’ve now embedded the answers in the Qualtrics survey, so you can request to see the answers as you go through it.
Here is the link:

And this is a pdf version with the answers:
Day2_Practical_with_Answers.pdf (1.7 MB)

This has the results from the data that we used during the “live” tutorial.


Hi Katrina,

Thank you very much!

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There’s a bit of a delay in me loading up the longer ACE video. It keeps freezing out on me. I will need to look into this more after the weekend.
Rest assured, it is coming!