Day 3 practical file location

Where can I find Day 3 practical file location so that I can copy them to my cloud folder?

We’re just making some last minute changes to the script and we’ll make it available ASAP

Here the code to get today’s practical:

Create a directory to hold your day’s work

mkdir day3

change into that directory, and then copy over the exercises.

cd day3
cp -R /faculty/hmaes/2022/day3/* ./

Make sure you have a space and a period after the star to copy the contents of my day3 directory into yours. You will be running a set of analyses in RStudio. Remember to set your working directory using setwd(‘day3’).

Thank you very much. It is great.

hello, hmaes,
is there something wrong in my typing, I can’t copy these file in my day3.

cp -R /faculty/hmaes/2022/day3/* ./
cp: unrecognized option ‘–R’
Try ‘cp --help’ for more information.

the - before the -R needs to be a short - not the long - that you sometimes get
maybe try typing the - again

I got the same issue with copy, but when putting a space between -R and /faculty, it worked.

my typing is short, and I aslo put a space between -R and /faculty.

what about your typing?

It works now. Thank you.