Day 2: Population Stratification Session (11 AM)

Hi all,

Post any substantive questions about the population stratification under the “Theory and background” channel. Post questions about the practical here (“Logistics”).

During the population stratification session, there will be a short practical. You can copy all the files you need for this practical to your own directory by first going to your own directory (cd ~) and type the following command:

cp r /home/abdel/PCA_practical .

(don’t forget the dot at the end)

(and don’t worry if you haven’t done this before we started, we will do this together during the practical as well)

This folder contains a copy of the slides (which will have all the commands on them), a separate file commands.txt with all the commands we will use, a folder with pdfs of the papers in case you’ll want more details someday, and a “results” folder that has all the files of a successfully run practical in case something doesn’t work.

Looking forward to it!

Best wishes,

Interesting book on the effects of genetic drift and fixation: The Island of the Colourblind by Oliver Sacks.

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