Day 1 practical instructions

Hi Elizabeth,

What does the above quoted sentence mean? Could you give any examples how to write the complete code to copy files prpperly? Thank you very much.

Hi @xueyingqin! It means to make sure to copy/paste everything in that line including that period at the end (not to confused with a period to end a sentence). So make sure to copy/paste/use all of this
cp /faculty/elizabeth/2022/* .

I followed your instructions. Here is what I type in web ssh:

xueyiq64@ip-10-0-201-11:~/day1$ cp /faculty/elizabeth/2022/* .

And then it shows this:


I would like to ask where the files are? Sorry that I am totally blank to ssh.

Sorry, I just checked my R folder, the files are there. I understand now.

Thank you very much.

Great! If you come to your session ~30 minutes early, I can also walk you through the basics of SSH.

Yes, I will. Thank you very much.

hello Elizabeth,
I followed your instructions. here is my typing in ssh,
leiz63@ip-10-0-201-11:~/day1$ cp/faculty/elizabeth/2022/.
-bash: cp/faculty/elizabeth/2022/
.: No such file or directory

I really don’t know what’s wrong with this situation.

Hi @nozomi_lei ! It appears as though you may not have typed the code in just right. Use this
cp /faculty/elizabeth/2022/* .

Your code " cp/faculty/elizabeth/2022/ *. " seems to have no space between cp and the rest of the code (/faculty/elizabeth/2022/ *. ) Try again and let me know how it goes.

Yeah, you are right, I got them.
thank you so much

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Hi @mehinmowo6759 I am unsure of what you have done so far. Can you share a bit more code or explanation?

The command line is complaining that it doesn’t find a command corresponding to what you typed. Usually I see that it means people have left out necessary spaces. Spaces are important to separate the command from the options and arguments to the command. So it should look like

cp /faculty/elizabeth/2022/day1/* .

With very important spaces after cp and after *

Or it could just be a typo, for example typing sp instead of cp.

I got it now. I omitted the space before the period.

Thank you very much @Elizabeth_Prom-Worml and @JML

Hi, @Elizabeth_Prom-Worml please would it be possible to get the questions for the Day1 practical in pdf/word document? I am having issues with the internet connection, so having an offline version would help. With many thanks, Sinziana

@sinziana.oncioiu Ack! I forgot to upload this to my folder. Sorry. I have uploaded a file “Day_1_Practical_Student.pdf” into my folder /faculty/elizabeth/2022
You can copy and download to your computer using directions shared in this post by Jeff. Let me know if you have additional problems.

Thank you very much @Elizabeth_Prom-Worml ! It worked, I managed to download the file. With many thanks, Sinziana

hello Elizabeth,
I don’t know why the Day_1_Practical_Student.pdf is not show in my folder. But the other files are available.
thank you

Hi @nozomi_lei This file was one that I copied late between sessions A and B, so it is likely that it did not copy when you initially copied files. Try copying this file from my folder now and putting into your folder. Let me know how it goes.

now I got it.
thank you for your patience

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Day 1 Practical answers are posted in my folder: Day 1 Practical ANSWERS.pdf