Accidentally ending Qualtrics questionnaires

(Somehow I am unable to create a new post, so I put it here…)

Today we accidentally closed the qualtrics, and only through Liz’s great help we could have it back :partying_face:

Unfortunately though it happened again later :see_no_evil:
The reason was, that we were curious how much Q’s we yet have to solve, and we have overshot the mark because the last page just has shown the usual arrow and didn’t say SAVE AND EXIT or similar.

Is it possible to change that, or at least place a BIG warning in front of it? Thanks!

I’ve split your message off into its own topic. New users not being able to start new topics is a spam prevention feature that is on by default. I’ll turn it off.

We’ve discussed doing this exact thing, and will be sure to bring it up at the next faculty meeting.

Very helpful thanks, Jeff!

yes, we’ll be doing this in the future to ensure people don’t accidentally close out their qualtrics survey